It seems I can’t stop posting over the holiday season…

It’s been more than a year since I have completely switched to GNU/Linux as my primary work environment. This has happened, in part, thanks to my new employer that promotes the use of UNIX-like tooling and stacks.

Now, this is mostly notewortthy for me, since I have spent most of my career developing on and for - Windows. I was always a GNU/Linux hobbyist, but switching off Windows entirely was always out of reach.

Yes, I have tried WSL on Windows and loved it; but ultimately there was no great benefit of using it over my existing development setup (which is basically Visual Studio).

Well, that all has changed and I started using new tools, new languages and new frameworks. The cognitive overload was getting to me so I decided to simplify my life by automating my workflow and creating a standard set of configurations I could always rely on. What’s worse, I have multiple machines and I want to carry over the same environment no matter which one I use.

Please welcome the dotfiles - the time-honored tradition of putting all your preferences into one repository and reusing them on all your machines. And finally, after collecting and setting up each individual configuration option I managed to make the environment work for me rather than me working for it.

The dotfiles are public and hosted on GitHub here: pavkam/dotfiles. If you find anything useful feel free to grab it and use it yourself.

Happy New Year!