TActionMainMenuBar Sucks!

Yeah … seriously! Tried to move away from the TMainMenu in Eduka+ today. Spent nearly 3 hours researching and trying out different approaches to make the Action based menu work… It seriously lacks clarity and functionality.

So what do I find wrong with it? Well:

  1. Lack of normal documentation and samples to clarify the usage in some cases.
  2. Lack of functions to control the items directly without much hassle. I’d love to see something like: SetEnabled(Action, Boolean) or SetVisible for example. That would have made moving from TMainMenu oh so much more pleasant.
  3. Why the hell the whole menu/sub-menu would not disable when I disable the associated action? Even if the menu looks disabled I can still navigate to it and see it’s sub-actions there activated. I can even execute them.

Anyway … will have to continue next days.