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Dipping my toes into the lands of F# and functional programming

Mid-2018, after quite some time spent in C# and Azure lands I decided it was time for a change. The next job, I said to myself, is going to have at least one new tech element to it….

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Where is the Microsoft development stack?

I have recently read this blog post that looks at the current development stacks used by biggest startups “out there“. One thing becomes apparent: none of Microsoft’s tech is in any list. To be honest this is not…

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On how I “started embracing” dynamic languages

I will start by saying that that I do not have anything new to add to the everlasting “dynamic vs static binding” debate: It’s been talked about to death at this point, and yeah, I am still well…

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Introducing (very late!) XtraLiteTemplates for .NET (4.5+ and Core 2.0+)

XtraLiteTemplates Logo

Well, to begin, this is not a new project – I have developed most of it during the end of 2015 with occasional fixes and new features along the way (recently added support for DLR and dynamic objects)….

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Rate limiting an Azure queue

In my previous post (“Singleton” Azure Functions) I offered a tip on how to set up an Azure function to serve as a system-wide “singleton”. One of the use cases I was looking for was to set up…

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“Singleton” Azure Functions

Azure Function Logo

This is not the sort of “stuff” I would usually be writing about in the past. Lately, though, more and more work that I am involved with is somewhat related to Azure. More often than not, my daily tasks…

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TZDB 1.8.2018c available

Just a short announcement — after quite a few years (4 to be exact) of inactivity, Michael Taylor has graciously evicted some bugs from the TZDB code base and also upgraded the IANA database to 2018c version (released…

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Bringing the blog back to life…

I'm back baby!

Well, it has been years (apparently no less than four!). Since my last post a lot has changed for me in particular, and, in tech at large. So why hasn’t Alex been blogging one might not ask, and…

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TZDB 1.8.2014b

A new version of TZDB has been release (1.8.2014b). This version fixes a few issues around the Windows TZ aliases provided by CLDR project. Obviously the database has been updated to the most recent version (2014b).   The biggest…

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TZDB 1.8 — 13 November 2012 Database (2012j)

A new version of TZDB has been release (1.8.121113). This version adds some very small changes. The biggest update is the bundled database version. Grab the latest version here, and view the latest changes here.   TZDB is an open…

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