Where is the Microsoft development stack?

I have recently read this blog post that looks at the current development stacks used by biggest startups “out there“. One thing becomes apparent: none of Microsoft’s tech is in any list.

To be honest this is not news to me or to anyone that pays attention to the state of affairs in the development world. The whole .NET Core strategy on Microsoft’s part is an effort to push mainly against Node.js. It is too early to say anything with certainty but it does look like Microsoft is a bit late (and that’s an understatement) to the party.

While I do tend to be language-agnostic these days (use Python and Node.js for a few projects), I do hope .NET Core gains some traction in the open source community. It’s quite an amazing technology, even if it’s Microsoft backed!

P.S. There is an interesting process of polarization happening right now around me: the companies using the Microsoft stack are mostly leaning towards the financial sector, while the smaller ones (not necessarily startups) are mostly oriented towards the Open Source tooling/frameworks.