DeHL 2.2 Released

In this release I have changed the name of the library from DelphiHelperLib to DeHL to be shorter. The most important changes in this release are:

  • Renamed the library to DeHL in hopes to remove the length of the unit names.
  • Renamed all classes to use the T prefix rather than H. It was an unfamiliar mode of naming things.
  • BigCardinal and BigInteger can be used within a Variant type. An implicit operator is declared to allow seamlessly to convert from the BigInteger/Cardinal to Variants.
  • Type Support has been extended to offer better information about the clean-up practices of a type.
  • Added methods to move a number of elements from an array safely (for ref-counted Delphi types). Also fixed the code to use these methods instead of Move directly.
  • Added a new array type: TFixedArray. It is an immutable array which is used only for reading. TDynamicArray can be created off TFixedArrays.
  • Added work-around fixes for a few Delphi bugs blocking the compilation.
  • The testing module was cleaned up a bit. Now using a base class for all our test cases. Also tests for new scenarios have been added.
  • All container classes now cleanup their contained values (when required). This means it is now safe to use them with types that require cleanup.
  • Cleaned up the binary tree implementation a bit and fixed a bug.
  • Externalized the last remaining hard-coded strings in the code.

More information and downloads can be found here.