DeHL 0.6 available


Yes I know I have skipped 0.5. The reality is that 0.5 was due a long time ago, but I did not have enough free time on my hands to complete the unit testing for all new features added. I always try to add as many unit tests as possible to test all possible scenarios.

This release features a general reorganization of some key concepts, new type extension mechanics, boxing, a lot more collections, better support for associative collections through specific Enex extensions … and many more. I am not going to lay out all the changes here since there are quite a few of them. You can view the change log here.

One important note, check out the DeHL.Base.pas unit. There are a number of TOGGLE_XXXXX constants. Toggle them to true or false (if you are using Weaver FT builds) to enable or disable specific functionality. In Tiburon (Delphi 2009) all the features are disabled by default (to be on the safe side).

Get the latest build here. If you stumble upon some bugs please report them here.

Have Fun!