New C#: Exactly my point!

I was debating some of the new flashy changes planned for new C# version with some of my colleagues … It seems no matter what Microsoft does it’s always considered as an in innovation in the field. Let’s check out the new proposed feature “dynamic”: Dynamic would allow you C# program to inter-operate with external scripts and much more. It’s marketed as the new big thing for C# and would allow for much greater flexibility.

But wait! I think I’ve seen something like this before … way before 2008 – oh yeah it was mid-’90s when I’ve tried Delphi 5! The feature was called Variant. Delphi language included dynamic dispatching (in form of IDispatch) from the 3rd version. Since then It has evolved the feature to allow for much more complex use cases. And I think Delphi wasn’t even the first one to introduce such a concept directly into the language – it was VB (but I may be wrong on this one).

Oh, and now for the title of my post – Exactly my point!