Collections 1.1 is out

I’m proud to present version 1.1 of Collections package.

The major highlights of this release are:

  • TLinkedDictionary<TKey, TValue>, same as the standard dictionary but with predictable insertion order.
  • TLinkedStack<T>, same as standard set but with some predictability in element order.
  • TBitSet, a sorted set designed to store 16-bit numbers only.
  • TBidiDictionary<TKey, TValue>, a dictionary that enforces one key, one value on both ends.
  • TSortedBidiDictionary<TKey, TValue>, a sorted bidirectional dictionary.
  • TDoubleSortedDictionary<TKey, TValue>, a bidirectional dictionary sorted on both keys and values.
  • TSortedLinkedList<T>, a linked list with automated sorting.
  • RTTI based selectors. See overloads of Op.Select.
  • A rewrite of TLinkedList<T>, TLinkedQueue<T> and TLinkedStack<T>.
  • TArraySet<T> is not a sorted set and optimized a lot.
  • Multiple optimizations all over the place.
  • A new Op.GroupBy<T> operation.
  • Some internal cleanup.
  • Documentation fixes (Thanks Denisa once again).

On the project organization side, the project home page has got quite some love:

  • Three simplified diagrams of classes and interfaces in Collections.
  • A FAQ page that I hope will be useful to people. If you have a question not answered there please leave a comment and I will respond ASAP.
  • A page that states the differences between this project ans stock RTL collections.
  • A list with short descriptions for all Enex operations supported by collections.
  • A detailed “map” of all collections provided by the project with explanations of when to use, some implementation details and etc useful information that can help you better chose the collection you need.

On the documentation side of things, you will find two sample projects in the bundle. Only two at the moment, will add more when I have enough free time to.

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